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Curriculum Design Sprint Workshop: Injecting Innovation into your next design

  • 15 Sep 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Goodwill Opportunity Campus, Bank of America Room, 5301 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte NC 28208
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ATD Charlotte Workshop

Curriculum Design Sprint Workshop: Injecting Innovation into your next design 

Presenter:   Dan Black

Session Description:

Topic Overview: 

We encounter many challenges when planning a learning project, including:

● Helping organizational leaders understand the value.

● Constraints on time, budget, and available resources.

● The TIME it takes to get learning done right.

We struggle to find a swift yet effective process to gather all the requirements so we can adequately plan and prioritize the development and delivery of the learning. It’s challenging to help leaders see how the knowledge will impact business outcomes. Finally, it’s hard to create impactful and provocative solutions when business partners find it difficult to articulate the body of knowledge required to hit peak performance. We created the Curriculum Design Sprint to reduce these frustrations drastically!

Description: What is a Curriculum Design Sprint?

The modern sprint is an augmented version of the classic DACUM process created in the 1980s. The sprint combines techniques from design thinking, marketing, behavioral economics, and learning design to generate a shared understanding of:

● who the learner is,

● what is important to them,

● what motivates them,

● the body of knowledge required for success, and

● which components of that body of knowledge are most critical.

For organizations and teams, the sprint helps to predict measurable improvements and business impacts vital to evaluating the possible level of investment. For learning professionals, the sprint gathers the data required to prioritize development more accurately and predict ways in which delivery will be most effective.

Who should attend this workshop?

● Learning professionals who are currently involved in learning strategy development or aspire to lead a learning team will find the tools and techniques invaluable.

● Individuals and teams who’d like to inject innovative thinking from adjacent disciplines into their workflow will benefit greatly.

After this workshop, you’ll be able to:

● Identify when a Curriculum Design Sprint is needed

● Effectively persuade partners and leaders of the workshop’s value

● Plan and prepare for a workshop

● Facilitate a one or two-day Curriculum Design Sprint

● Properly analyze, document, and present Sprint’s findings

● Use the input collected in the workshop to plan a development initiative effectively What you will get in the workshop:

● A playbook and templates for planning the Sprint

● Templates for conducting a Sprint in-person and virtually

● Template for documenting the Sprint’s findings

What are some other benefits of a sprint?

● Save a month's worth of meetings and accelerates timelines in planning.

● Structure helps SMEs deconstruct their expertise in a manner suited for conversation to the teachable curriculum.

● Provides leadership the information they need to justify the investment of resources.

● Reduces scope creep and helps to predict project timelines more accurately.

● Enables the team to prioritize development efforts accurately.

● Creates a shared understanding across the teams about “What we are trying to accomplish.”

● It helps all team members visualize the big picture

● Builds team trust, rapport, and cohesion

● Promotes collaboration between different business teams

● Reduces cross-team dependencies

● Grounds the team in reality with clear goals and timelines

● Ensures the training program represents business objectives and customer needs

● Prioritizes product or project goals

● Reiterates key business objectives

● Sets teams up for success in upcoming development

● It makes the training development process more straightforward and effective

● It brings stakeholders into the fold for valuable feedback and collaboration

● Realigns the team on the most crucial training issues

● It helps teams spot issues and dependencies before they slow development

● Improves the effectiveness of decision making

● It prevents big failures from occurring down the line

What are the deliverables?

● A robust learner profile.

● Success metrics for the program and the training.

● A duty/task matrix incorporating the body of knowledge required for peak performance.

● Preliminary definitions with terminal and enabling learning objectives.

● A development plan prioritizing critical learning.

● Identified delivery channels for initial learning, reinforcement, and performance support.

● A gap analysis for existing content and structure

Presenter Information

Dan Black

Speaker Bio:

Dan Black, Chief Learning Strategist, The Learning Innovation Group

Dan is the Chief Learning Strategist of The Learning Innovation Group. He provides non-profit, government organizations, and small businesses with strategic consulting and learning development services that leverage the power of their people. He leverages over two decades of talent development and training experience to help the client develop and deliver relevant, provocative, and impactful training solutions.

Dan brings his diverse experience as a business owner and in corporate America to every engagement. As a sought after speaker, trainer, and facilitator, Dan has delivered programs to over 10,000 people nationally and has given numerous keynote talks with a unique delivery style that both engages and entertains audiences with his energy and expertise.

Dan has developed training programs, facilitated ideation sessions and curriculum design sprints.

He is often consulted for training strategy, technology, management, and performance sustainability programs nationwide.

Dan is based out of Charlotte, NC, and lives there with his wife Blair and children Mason and Sophia.

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