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Our Mission:
Elevate the knowledge and skills of talent development professionals by providing highly educational, engaging, impactful and actionable learning experiences.


Instructional Systems Technology

Students working towards a Master of Education in Instructional Systems Technology Students need a total of 135 work hours to earn three credit hours. Work should be project based, or otherwise have a clear set of objectives. The internship host will be asked to complete three evaluations during the course of the internship.

Students in this program are developing their instructional design skills, with some web authoring experience. Many students in this program are employed by local school systems, and are looking for opportunities during the summer break.

A total of 6 credit hours are required to complete the program, so some students are in search of a project with 270 works hours to earn all 6 credit hours at once.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Students working towards a graduate degree in the Industrial/ Organizational Psychology program in the department of Psychology require 120 work hours to earn 3 credit hours. Work should be project based. The internship host will be asked to complete an evaluation at the end of the internship. Students in the this program are working towards careers in Organizational Development and training, with strengths in analytical skillsundefinedconducting surveys, interviews and research. Students are looking for opportunities starting late summer and early fall.

Job Shadowing

Students early in respective graduate programs are looking for opportunities to visit with professionals and learn more about the world of training and development. This is ideal for those companies who do not have projects or work opportunities, but would like to share their experience.
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