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Bridging Generational Differences

  • 18 Sep 2014
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The Employers Association, 3020 West Arrowood Road Charlotte, NC 28273
  • 8


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Gary "Doc" Murdock, Senior Instructor, Leadership Foundry (TSM Corporation)

According to Strauss and Howe, experts in the field, “Generational collisions are among the key management issues being faced by leaders of today’s organizations.” Because people are living longer and staying in the workforce longer, this is the first time in history that five generations are likely to find themselves looking at each other over the same conference table. Companies are finding that productivity, culture and viability are being negatively impacted by poorly handled generational issues. Indeed, 65% of the research respondents say that generation gaps make it hard to get things done. They cite lack of communication; the tension between “that’s the way we’ve always done it” and “let’s change it because we can change it”; differences in generational values on issues as diverse as work ethic and dress codes; workforce shifts; workforce training and development and the problem of obtaining and retaining multi-generational talent. The #1 reason people quit their job is due to a poor relationship with their boss. This new generation, the Millennials is no different.  In fact, they value the relationship with their boss more than previous generations.

This program  focuses on specific skills that managers at any level can use to improve the effectiveness of their changing work force.
  • Managers will become aware of generational differences in the work force
  • Trainers and supervisors will learn what works and what doesn't with all Generations in the workplace based on years of research, interviews, and conversations.
  • Employee satisfaction will increase
  • Creativity will be unleashed with this next generation of employees
  • Results will improve for every generation in your work force.
Doc is a Senior Facilitator with the Leadership Foundry, a division of TSM Corporation. Over the last seven years, he has consulted and counseled 4,000 Government and Fortune 500 executives, using more than 10,000 psychological instruments. He has facilitated over 200 seminars with an unmatched “world-class” rating.  Doc began his pursuit of delivering top-notch adult education after retiring from the Air Force in 2006 having served for more than 27 years as a human resource manager.  As Career Field Manager for a high-visibility enlisted special duty he was in charge of curriculum design, delivery, and certification for hundreds of personnel. Doc has held a number of key leadership roles throughout his career to include Deputy Director of Human Resources for two large military organizations with 10,000+ employees.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Management and MA degree in Adult Education and holds multiple certifications allowing him to consult and counsel with various psychological instruments that include: the EQ-i 2.0, FIRO-B®, CPI260, MBTI®, TKI, CSI®, ISI, DSP, ESI, CLI®, and others.  Doc has personally trained with Otto Kroeger, Ph.D. (Bestselling author and nationally renowned expert on personality types) and he has worked extensively with a former Senior Fellow from the world famous Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®).
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