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Critical Ingredients for a Successful Change Initiative

  • 16 Jun 2011
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Compass Group
Denise Cooper, Chief Reinvention Strategist and founder of Coach HR LLC


Critical Ingredients for a Successful Change Initiative

You’ve been asked to:
•    Lead a large or small scale change initiative
•    Run a part of the change initiative or
•    Sponsor a change initiative.

If so, then you can’t miss this presentation.

Yesterday, change initiatives had predictable project plans and measurements. The workplace and market place were stable and predictable.  Employees were stretch but not overloaded and the company’s values embraced stable, predictable processes.

That was before.  Today, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) is the best description of the world of work.  Today, VUCA has become the “New Normal”.

So how do you step up and add value to the change initiative? Success means leading (without a title), connecting, making things happen and creating order out of chaos. If that’s what’s required how do measure results and what you need to do differently to make sure the essential building blocks are in place for success.

The Speaker

Denise Cooper worked over 25 years as a HR executive and now is a business owner, executive coach and a professional speaker. She is the Chief Reinvention Strategist and founder of Coach HR LLC.  Coach HR works with professionals has tried everything to change their situation and still their business or career is stuck in an unfulfilling rut.  She is a change specialist helping companies and individuals understand how to become indispensible in a “plug and play” economy.

Denise worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Monsanto and The Gap as well as the Arkansas State AFL-CIO.  What separates her services from the competition is Denise is a living example of her coaching.  From reinventing her career to revamping an HR department’s cost structure to save $15 million over four years to adding $2 million in revenue to the business, Denise has successfully challenged the status quo thinking in HR and business.   

Denise received her MBA from Washington University and in 2008 received her Business Coach certification from North Carolina State University.  An expert coach on an NBC affiliate WCNC’s Your Career Today and WGIV 1370 am Law 360 segments and featured in the book Thoughts from the Top: Interviews with HR Executives, numerous articles including Assessing Values in the Workplace, Talent Magazine,  The Happiness Factor Promotional Consultant Magazine and Finding Balance for Small Business Owners Mecklenburg Times.

Denise is a proud member of the sandwich generation taking care of parents and children while working to keep it all in balance.

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