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Experiential Learning in the Elearning World

  • 21 May 2009
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • PIT - Mooresville
Speaker: Breon Klopp

Organizational learning is trending toward online e-learning and educational design systems are responding by developing learning programs to be more realistic and interactive to capture the attention of learners. What are the hidden costs of simulated learning and why are organizations trying to replace yet replicate the first form of learning...from other people? This presentation / discussion / demonstration makes the case for experiential learning and the tremendous amount of informal and social learning that occurs, often unplanned and unaccounted for in the planning and implementation of learning programs.

Performance Instruction & Training provides an innovative motorsports themed program that is unique in creating fanatical enthusiasm using highly interactive learning experiences to foster long-term commitment, an environment of teamwork, and effective results.

“Think Inside the Box,” the most commonly requested program theme, utilizes a variety of formats for inclusion in keynote speeches, hands-on team building events, and multi-day experiential learning workshops customized to reinforce corporate initiatives and messaging. Calling on his background in collegiate athletics and speaking from the motorsports perspective, Breon and the “Think Inside the Box” program advocate that businesses would realize bottom-line results with less waste and more productivity by planning, preparing, and executing with the precision and quality of a pit crew.

The Speaker
Breon M. Klopp is the Senior Director of Development for Performance Instruction & Training (PIT). PIT provides professional Motorsports pit crew training, coaching, and placement services as well as Motorsports-themed corporate team building and Lean performance events.

Mr. Klopp is responsible for the development, delivery, and facilitation of events and programs correlating performance in high-level motor sports to success within business and industry and associated pit crew training and coaching programs offered at PIT. He is the founder of 5 OFF 5 ON Race Team Performance and served as president until acquired by PIT in 2003.

Breon Klopp has served as pit crew coordinator for teams in USAR, ARCA, and NASCAR® Craftsman, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup series. Through Pit Crew U, the professional pit crew education division of PIT, he has overseen the training of more than 600 individuals from 48 states and 4 countries outside the United States. Graduates of Pit Crew U have gone on to be win races and series championships in the highest divisions of NASCAR® and include 3 individual and 1 team champion in the Sprint All Star Pit Crew Challenge competition. Nine former students and staff members have advanced to coaching positions within the NASCAR® ranks.

As an invited presenter, Mr. Klopp works with and speaks on behalf of companies, events, panels, workshops, and conferences in many industries including sales, manufacturing, health, and maintenance including: Intel International Manufacturing, ConocoPhillips, Shaw Air Force Base, NC Department of Commerce, Textron, Productivity Inc., and the Association of Air Medical Service.

Breon Klopp is also a contributor to the books The Complete Idiot’s Guide to NASCAR and 365 Low or No Cost Workplace Team Building Activities.

Mr. Klopp is a native of Port Washington, Wisconsin and resides in Mooresville, North Carolina with his wife and son.

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