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Predictive Evaluation - Ensuring Training Delivers Business and Organizational Results

  • 15 Sep 2011
  • 5:15 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Duke Energy

David Basarb is the founder of V.A.L.E. Consulting, LLC, and co-founder of P&D Learning,

Meeting Details

Date: September 15

Time: 5:15-5:45 (Networking), 5:45-8:00 (Dinner and Program)

Location: Duke Energy


Predictive Evaluation - Ensuring Training Delivers and Organizational Results

Do you struggle with defining the success of training?
Are you constantly fighting the battle to show and justify the value that training is bringing to your organization?
Does your organization view training as an expense versus an investment with predicted return?
Do you need to link training with the value it produces for your company?
Do you need a method of predicting (forecasting) the value of training to help decide whether to train?
Are your current evaluation efforts always after the factundefineddo you need a way to measure success using leading indicators that drive continuous improvement?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, this session is for you.  Join evaluation expert and Predictive Evaluation author Dave Basarab to learn his innovative approach to evaluation: Predictive Evaluation. Using a case study from a Fortune 100 company, learn how to conduct your own Predictive Evaluations.

This interactive session uses a case study method and your will learn:
     •  The Predictive Evaluation Model
     • How to Predict the value of training
     • Intention Evaluation
     • Adoption Evaluation
     • Impact Evaluation

The Speaker

Dave is an expert in training evaluation and learning transfer, and has held numerous senior executive learning, development, and teaching roles at Fortune 500 companies: Motorola University, Ingersoll Rand where he developed their global Leadership College, Pitney Bowes where he led the sales training function, and NCR where he was head of course design, development, and invented the company’s training evaluation process which was implemented worldwide.

Dave is an accomplished author of the best seller The Training Evaluation Process , his new book Predictive Evaluation, and numerous articles about Predictive Evaluation, a new model in predicting training success.  He’s also an award-winning trainer, teacher, and speaker on leadership, learning strategies, and evaluation strategies.  He has contributed introductions and chapter content for world-renowned expert Donald Kirkpatrick’s recent books on training.

Dave has a Masters of Science in Educational Administration, is the founder of V.A.L.E. Consulting, LLC, and co-founder of P&D Learning, LLC.  He currently serves on the national Board of Directors for Berrett-Koehler Publisher’s Authors Co-op.


Duke Energy
400 S. Tryon
Charlotte, NC 28285

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