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Break-Through Barriers: Engaging Tools that Make Goals Successful

  • 17 Jan 2019
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The Employers Association 3020 W Arrowood Rd., Charlotte, NC 28273
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 Connie Chesner

 Travis Cook

Break-Through Barriers: Engaging Tools that Make Goals Successful 

How can learning and development professionals work harder to crush goals and break through barriers? By kicking off 2019 with an action-packed ATD Charlotte chapter meeting designed to energize, focus, and empower your work in dynamic ways.

Join us for a fresh perspective that actively applies the core lessons of Krav Maga training to your work in training and development.   You can expect immense stress relief mixed with key tools to drive improved relationships, focus, communication, and shared purpose as you strike, defend, and are guided through a flow-experience. Prepare to laugh, feel the power of individual, partner, and group goal achievement, and experience the key elements of establishing focus that powers through barriers. Leave more confident, connected, and clear on the power of your mind and body to overcome obstacles and prevail and return back to the workplace with a renewed understanding of the tools needed to supercharge goal achievement.

Special participation note:  Please come prepared to physically move as a part of participation.  Training adjusts to all fitness and physical levels, but we do recommend a change of shoes with good traction to ensure solid footing during the experience.  A waiver to participate is also required: https://www.armoredteambuilding.com/atdwaiver

5:00 PM - Networking

5:45 PM - Dinner

6:45 PM - Speaker

Connie Chesner has become a master at resiliency and human   motivations through over 20 years in psychology, qualitative market   research, and hard earned personal experience.  From the depth of   despair to the heights of industry success, she overcame a five-year   abusive relationship and found the power of overcoming fear and   embracing empowerment and now guides others through their   challenges to show them the strength and resiliency contained in   each of us.  She’s been an international media expert, has run   projects to launch and reform multi-national brands, and she weaves that deep understanding into guiding teams through their   own challenges and fears.       

Travis Cook is a dynamic instructor with multiple world titles in Tae Kwon Do and nearly 20 years of instruction experience in Krav Maga.  He’s worked with thousands of individuals at various stages of their   journey’s to strength, skills, and empowerment by teaching them   how to walk through fear and into control.  Now, he guides individuals   and teams to higher levels of consciousness, empowerment, and   self-awareness, taking them to higher levels of knowledge and   awareness which they will carry with them for a lifetime.



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