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Media Competencies for Trainers

  • 21 Aug 2014
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Rubbermaid/IRWIN Training Center 9829 Northcross Center Court, Huntersville, NC 28078


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Jonathan Halls, Principal, Jonathan Halls & Associates

Learning and talent professionals will increasingly need media skills as part of their professional toolkit. Just as trainers use flipcharts and whiteboards, they will turn to video cameras and portable audio recorders in the future as people access their learning on cell phones, tablets and laptops. 

Many trainers have already transitioned from a “classroom only” work style, in which standup training was their prime activity, to embrace virtual learning solutions such as webinars.  However, easy-to-use technology takes us to the next step which sees learning professionals creating professional audio, video, and screen text.  Whether it is standalone content or embedded in e-learning packages or consumed online or in a classroom, they’ll be using media to increase their organizational impact. 

Media saves time, money, and the hassle of travel. It also frees up trainers to focus their creative energy on more strategic projects and offers learners the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime and at their own pace.  But the fact technology is now cheap and easy to use does not guarantee engaging content that leads to true learning.

Just as learning professionals have perfected the skills of facilitation and instructional design, the next frontier is crafting media content to truly facilitate learning.  In this Conversation about tomorrow’s skills, author and media training veteran Jonathan Halls will look at the key skills required to make good media content, do it fast and cost-effectively.  He will discuss how media is changing and what skills talent professionals should focus on to give them an edge as we move into the future.

Jonathan is author of Rapid Video Development for Trainers, and contributing author to The ASTD Handbook and Speak More.  He has written extensively about media and learning.  A former learning executive at the BBC in London, he used to run the corporation’s prestigious multi-million dollar production training department.  He has been teaching media since 1987 and has worked as a talk show host, media executive, journalist and trainer.  Jonathan has worked across television, radio, newspapers and online.  He has taught thousands of media professionals around the globe at some of the best known media companies in Europe.  Working in both practical production training and talent development, he now calls northern Virginia home.  He has a masters and bachelors in adult learning.  He’s an active ATD member.  Halls was founding president of ASTD’s Global Network in London in 2003.  He was on the program advisory committee for ASTD”s international conference and the TechKNowledge committee.  He is also on the review panel for the ASTD BEST Awards.

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